Putting Systems in Place – The M.O.N.I.C.A. B.O.O.S.T.

Find out all areas where you can put systems in place to reach your goals.

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Monica Moore

Monica Moore

Monica Moore is a dynamic award-winning international speaker, award-winning author and a coach. She is experienced in digital and live presentations. Monica is the current President of the Professional Speakers Association of New Zealand.

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“You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems”
– James Clear ‘Atomic Habits’

These are all areas that you can put systems in place. You can try this on your own or have an accountability buddy.

Are you managing life or is life managing you?
Who could help you out?
Are your desires nagging at you like a squeaky door?

O for Organisation
Good Organisation is your superpower!
Are you planning ahead? Spend 5 minutes planning out the next day, then grow it until it becomes a habit. You will find you have more time and more satisfaction!

N for Negotiation
Life is about negotiating your time and energy. Where are you sitting on this arrow?

I is for Innovation
Innovation is the key to ‘improvement’.
How can we do things differently?

C is for Communication
What are you saying and doing? Be aware of your words. Do they match what you say you do?

A is for Authorisation
Be your own author and write, write, write daily – it’s in our DNA.

Now for the Boost!!
B is for Building
Relationships that you have and those you’d like to have (including the one with yourself).

O is for Overview
Have an overview in place of how you want to feel and spend your time weekly.

O is for Observe
How your overview is connecting with what you want.

S is for Structure
Draw a ‘food pyramid’ triangle and write what you want to be doing the most, what you want to be doing the least, then be realistic and fill in the rest.

T is for Time
Time is finite but energy is not. Where are you going to place your energy? Tiredness is physical. Exhaustion is emotional.
Exhaustion = a lack of support – either self-support or external support eg. other people, or a discussion with a boss. The goal is to avoid both.

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The words that you say really do influence your life outcomes. At the very smallest source of ourselves we are a blip of energy. That energy changes with our words.

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Commonality Understanding Plan (C.U.P)

This very simple strategy creates a strong framework for both negotiation and clear agreed outcomes. It can be used for both small and large issues.